Earn Spark Rewards, 100 Spark Rewards = $1 in the shop! 

Our favorite ways to earn!

1. Become a Dreamfluencer

Do you have a product from the shop that you love? We'd love to see it! Submit a Photo or Video of you and/or you favorite gifts + goods and we'll send you up to 500/$5 in Spark Rewards* (that can be redeemed for cash in the shop!) 

  • Send us a video of you gifting from In Good Co Shop! We love a reveal and to see the joy and surprise of the person you gifted GOOD to :)
  • Show us your everyday uses of something you got at GOOD!
  • Take a video coming to or inside of the shop and tell us why you love GOOD as much as we do!

Please email your photos and videos to

2. Leave us a Google Review

We want your (honest) feedback! Leave us a Google Review and we'll send you 300/$3 in Spark Rewards (that can be redeemed for cash in the shop!)

Please email a screenshot of your review to

Other Ways to Earn:

Sign-Up - 200 Sparks 

Place an Order - 5 Sparks for every $1 Spent

Follow on Instagram - 100 Sparks

Celebrate a Birthday - 200 Sparks

Attend an Event - 100 Sparks 

Ways to Redeem: 

Free Shipping Online - 750 Sparks

Order Discounts - 100 Sparks = $1

Discounts can be used anytime in any increment. You can get a little off each time you visit or bank your points for later in the year! 

Redeeming in the shop? 

1. Go to

2. At the bottom right corner of the screen, tap "Rewards" 

3. Login to your account

4. Tap your rewards + choose reward to redeem

5. Give coupon code to cashier!

*Photos get you $2 in Spark Rewards, Videos get you $5, we will redeem you when and if photo or video is used for marketing purposes.