• Julia is the maker and small biz owner behind Mara May. "I always want Mara May to serve as a safe space for people to be able to express themselves, no matter their age, gender, or sexual orientation. I believe that jewelry is for EVERYONE!"

    "I began creating jewelry in the beginning of Covid when I was looking for a new creative outlet. I realized I was surprisingly pretty good at it and very quickly filled my small Southie apartment with hundred's of pairs of earrings."

    Julia and Kait met in the shop one day when Kait complemented Julia's jewelry to which Julia responded "I made these!" Kait knew they would be an amazing addition to the shop.

    Julia recalls "that lit a fire inside of me + motivated me to start Mara May! Turning my hobby into a business was very intimidating, but has been nothing short of rewarding! I have learned more than I could have ever imagined and have met some of the most amazing people along the way, people who I know will be life long friends."