Affirmation Candle, Resilient
State of Being

Affirmation Candle, Resilient

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Mandarin | Peach | Jasmine

This stunningly bright blend will celebrate you and your resiliency with a dose of happy inhalations. This pleasantly balanced scent provides an uplifting moment in the days that seem heavy and require your strong resiliency. A bright spot in your home, light this candle and enjoy the cup of joy that surrounds you with this charming aroma. 

I am resilient. 
I rise with grace from the challenges that have come before me.
I am resilient.

• 50 hours burn time
• 9 oz. white glass jar
• 3.5" x 3.5" candle dimensions
• 4" x 4" packaging dimensions
• Single wick
• Soy and coconut wax blend

Handmade in Philadelphia, PA