Katie is a self-proclaimed Candle Witch and the maker behind Soy Much Brighter Candle Co. based out of Beverly, MA. 


    "I started making candles because I wanted a nontoxic, vegan, and adorable candle to burn in my home. I knew that's what you were looking for, too. This candle had to be environmentally sustainable and clean burning. I wanted you to get the most out of your dollars with this creation and feel good about its low environmental impact. All the while, having something pretty to look at that provides conscious self-care.”


    Soy Much Brighter candles are made with intention, a little bit of magic, and tons of love. Their mission is to elicit joy, peace, comfort, and nostalgia while making sustainable and affordable candles that don't come at the expense of animals, people, or the environment. Soy Much Brighter is made up of a team of super rad folks who are obsessed with all things candles and sustainability!