• Throughout her childhood, Meredith's mom filled her days with arts and crafts projects and instilled that creative, curious spirit that many of us have as children. Like so many others - through the pandemic, the gift of time motivated her to get back into creative projects and making things with her hands. It started with painting, and pottery was soon to follow! Her boyfriend, who also happens to be a potter has helped her further discover the craft.

    "My hope for MW Ceramics is to inspire and ignite conscious and creative living. The practices of yoga, painting and pottery have taught me so much about what it means to live in this way. It’s so much more than just making a piece of art or contorting my body into a pose. It’s the practice of grace, of compassion, of curiosity, presence, vulnerability and imperfection. It’s the practice of non-attachment - to outcomes, people, material things, goals, dreams and trusting in the serendipity of everyday moments to bring us where we're meant to go. These values are infused into each and every piece I create. By crafting pieces that are simple yet captivating, intentional yet imperfect, they become less of an object and more of an immersive experience - an opportunity to take pause, to breathe, to inquire, and admire the simple things."

    When she's not making, Meredith enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, reading, writing, cooking, traveling and thrifting!