Small Biz Resources

Small Biz Resources

Here are some thing I've purchased for my small business. Some I love, some I hate and yes, some are from Amazon (+ you can shop them here Small Biz Resources)

Bags: DreamBags continues to be the best priced/quality for the shops needs!

  • Our most used sizes are Rose and Cub
  • We add our Smiley Stickers to the bag for extra branding
  • We charge 10 cents per bag to cover some expenses but also to encourage shoppers to BYOBag!

Benches: I purchased these benches to use as displays when my shop first opened and have since upgraded but these are still super useful for extra seating, to stack on larger table to create levels and I usually bring atleast one to Pop-Ups again for leveling in front of larger table. 

Printer: Epson EcoTank

  • I purchased it because of the EcoTank feature. It does work well functionally (easy to connect to bluetooth and print from multiple devices) but it doesn't yield the best quality. I DO occasionally (in a pinch) print stickers and labels and it works "okay" but I wouldn't purchase as a production quality printer. 

Shelving: Ikea Ivar Shelving - I LOVE these, they are affordable, easy to put together and easy to move. The only thing is they frequently are out of stock so stock up when you can!  

Stickers: Smiley Sticker (for Gift Bags)

  • No Issue
  • I also have (in a pinch) printed these myself (see printer/sticker paper)

Sticker Paper: 

Table: Ikea Lisabo Table - Used as my central table in the shop! Affordable and good quality. 

Tissue Paper - Tissue for Gift Bags and Shipping: No Issue

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